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Diseño, Tendencia, Colores

Recopilamos diseñadores y expertos galardonados en todas las áreas de diseño y de todo el mundo.

Somos MRKRL!





Sweden, India

Branding, Show rooms, Product Design

Red Dot, IF, German Award

Sunny is the perfect conscious designer of today. The pressure to on receiving Awards like IF and Red dot is increasing, by traveling and mapping consumer trends and behaviour with regular attendance with the design councils and award ceremonies Sunny keeps himself updated to the latest wants and needs in the industry and have therefore been successful in his projects.

Sunny has worked in many countries such as Sweden, India and China. His portfolio is impressive with designs for electronic, furniture, bathrooms and complete showrooms and interior design. 

Sunny has focused a lot on colour and has the function as the Creative Director for MRKRL AB.

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